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screena1.gif The Script Explorer, in the left hand pane, gives you a quick visual summary of your scripts. You can divide your scripts into groups, each of which can be enabled or disabled individually. You can also export individual groups, to share with other players.
screena2.GIF Scripts can be edited visually - just right-click on a script item in the Script Explorer, and an edit window will open.
screena4.gif The Connection Handler remembers details of all your muds and characters. You can configure it to log in to your games automatically.

The status window on the left hand side is generated by script commands. The red links are clickable - clicking on a link will send instructions to the game to recast the spell.

The map at the top of the screen is provided by the game as a page on the web and is displayed in a web browser window.


This screenshot shows how windows can be undocked and made to 'float'. You can also see tabs in action: the 'floating' window contains two tabs, allowing you to switch between two different windows in one section.

The text in the topmost docked window is filtered output from the game: in this case all communications from players (gossips, tells etc) are filtered into the window for reference.

screen10.JPG In this example, contributed by linsey, several status windows on the right hand side are filled with status information by scripts. Compare this with the examples above to see how the docking manager gives you the flexibility to lay windows out as you want them, and to hide windows behind tabs for quick access.
screen11.JPG Another example contributed by a Wintin user - this one from jfields. Here the status is reported in an html window, providing finer control over the format (text, colour etc).
screena5.jpg A final example showing the use of filter windows to keep an eye on group status, and to track kills and xp gained.
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