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Script Language Features

This section will give you a brief summary of Wintin.Net's Script Language. A comprehensive Help File is provided with the software, which lists every script command and gives examples of their use.

Basic Commands

Basic commands are drawn from the Tintin++ scripting language. They include #alias, which sets up a shortcut for a lengthy mud command, and #action, which specifies a response to be sent to the mud whenever certain text is received. Other basic commands allow you to hide text from the mud that you don't want to see, highlight text you are particularly interested in, and to define variables that will track your hitpoints, mana and other status.

Script Debugging

Wintin.Net has a script debug window. This allows you to see the effect of scripts as they execute, and to see exactly what Wintin is sending to the mud.


Lists are a powerful feature of Wintin scripting. Script commands allow you to add or remove items from lists, to carry out actions on all items in lists, and to check whether a particular value is in a list.


Timers allow you to carry out specific script commands at a regular interval or at a specified time. 'One shot' timers will carry out an action once.


Window commands will create various types of windows and populate them. There are two basic kinds of window. Text windows display text from the mud, optionally filtered so that only certain lines are displayed. Html windows display text formatted by a browser: this can be a page from the web, or text created by script commands. Shortcuts exist to make it easy to display html tables from scripts, and to create clickable links that will send text tothe mud.